Pest Control
8 months (Initial +5 services) – $359.00

12 months (Initial +8 Services) – $499.00

24 months (Initial +16 Services) – $899.00

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Add-on options and disclaimers for Total Home Pest Control Programs

The following pests and services are NOT included in the Total Home Pest Control and incur additional charges per service.

Any and all work requiring roof access or an extension ladder for treatment that is also over a single story in height – 1-1.5 story and work on a ladder is included unless the technician must leave or exceed the safe operating height of a 28” ladder. Step Ladder usage and attic services and inspections ARE included.

Exterior Coverage: Includes 2 treatments (Spring Pre-Treat plus Summer Service)

  • Up to ½ Acre $199.00 ($139/one-time)
  • ½ – 1 Acre $299 ($179/one-time)
  • 1-2 Acre $399 ($259/one-time)

WDO Carpenter Ants and Carpenter Bees: Priced Per Job – $169-199 Unless extremely small add-on for existing client (99-129 minimum)


  • $29 for first station $19 each additional – plus $6/month per station monitoring and baiting


Stinkbug/Ladybug Infestations:

  • Homes up to 2500 sq.ft. – $199.00 /$249.00 up to 2 stories
  • Homes up to 4000 sq.ft. – $299.00 /$349.00 up to 2 stories
  • Homes over 4000 sq.ft. – $399.00 /$499.00 up to 2 stories


3 story homes and buildings require custom pricing Termite Monitoring, Termite Coverage and Structural Bonds Annual Termite Monitoring and Termite Protection Initial Inspections: Free or Included with Initial Pest

Results of Inspection: No Activity, No Conducive Conditions.

If we are taking over a current termite warranty and bond or if they have had treatment in the last 5 years – $99 Term-Pro Install and $99 per year.

If they haven’t had a treatment within the last 5 years or a bond in the last 24 months – $299 ATBS install and $199 per year.